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How I Went To College

Posing in Boston

Some my friends know that I went to college 3 years later than my peers. Naturally a lot of people found it unusual or even interesting. I told different parts of this story to different friends and thought that now, as I finished two years in college, it is a …

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Last week at Meteor

pre new logo

Next week is going to be my last week at Meteor! I am leaving the job I love so much, the company and community I have been living every day for the past two and half years. The next years of my life will be an exciting journey through American …

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Handlebars without data context


In this post I am proposing a better way to write your Meteor templates. The goal is to have more explicit variables and a scope similar to what you can see in a regular JavaScript code. We are going to talk about data contexts, dynamic variables and lexical scope in …

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6.033 - An Introduction to Everything

a pixelated screenshot of the page I stared at the

6.033 is an MIT class that teaches basics of “Systems Engineering” and is available online on MIT OCW for everyone. Recently I have finished watching the lectures and doing the assignments and I can certainly say that I learnt a big bunch from it.

"The Class"

At Meteor, a …

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Meteor + Redis = <3

In the period of time from June till mid-July 2014 we worked with Justin Santa Barbara on the experimental Redis support for Meteor.

There is no doubt that Redis has become quite popular for a wide range of tasks. Thanks to a big number of different data-structures and operators, everyone …

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Weekend project: Heavybit talk player

Heavybit Library

For some time I have been on a look out for a good example of a web app. Not a collection of animations and useless pop-ups but something that makes the user experience actually better.

One of such examples that came across my eye was the talk player on the …

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Callbacks, Promises, Generators and Fibers


The topic of the use of callbacks vs the use of promises has been rocking through JavaScript community for several years now. Some people don't like callbacks, other people think that promises are even worse and since generators (a new feature of ES6) became available on Google Chrome and node …

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XP: RPG vs Real Life

Level Up!

If you played RPGs, you probably have heard of the term "XP", which means "experience". Experience is a big part of RPGs: your character accomplishes tasks, fights monsters, gets more experience and progresses gaining new skills and abilities. Acquired knowledge makes your character stronger and now they can be more …

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Spacebars in your Vim

Spacebars is a templating language inspired by Handlebars (Mustache) and is a default language used by Blaze, Meteor's live DOM-updating engine.

I am a heavy Vim user and it frustrates me when something doesn't work well in my favorite text editor. For this time, my templates were not displayed …

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Meteor: Too Easy to Be Real

Многие считают, что простота в освноении Meteor - это недостаток, все не должно быть так просто. На самом деле под капотом Meteor - самое что ни на есть чудо инженерской мысли. А технология любой сложности будет только лучше, если она будет доступна людям.

Meteor splash image

Meteor - прост для новичков

В официальном блоге Meteor уже …

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