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Good grid view for Cocoa app

There are different styles of presenting data but there is one that is used whenever you need to present lots of data and each piece has its own visual representation. I am talking about grid with big icons representing the data. Sometimes working on Cocoa application, built-in IKImageBrowser does not …

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TCO 2013 Qual 1A

Every year TCO qualification rounds attract attention of thousands of coders. Not just active TopCoder participants but old veterans and newcommers as well. For me it was just another round with lowered difficulty. Let's look into it.


Problem was extremely simple and was intended to test implemenation skills. Ususal …

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SRM 571

This is 3rd SRM I participated in 2013. After failing SRM 568 and SRM 569 with really silly mistakes I decided to ascend my rating finally.


Looks very easy and it is. We are given $N$ strings of type "1.mp3", "2.mp3", etc. We need to sort them …

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In Collections we used Applescript in our tech. stack for deep integration with OS X and there are my thoughts about it and its usage.

What is Applescript for me? Another technology I use to achieve certain result. But Applescript looks different from any other *script language (hate you, love …

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Python development environment

Few weeks ago I spent ten days building simple web application on top of Tornado web-server and ElasticSearch. There are some tips I learnt for setting comfortable environment for python development.

  1. Do not mess with global packages, use virtualenv.
  2. Do not mess with virtualenvs, use virtualenvwrapper.
  3. Do not mess with …
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Cocoa learning

Recently I started learning Objective-C and Cocoa framework. I thought it would be easy as I already have some experience with C# and Java. But it appears to be not that easy. Here are some notes I took to map Objective-C to C#.


  • Weakly typed
  • Object oriented
  • Has manual …
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Javascript basics

In last couple days I realized that I feel very uncomfortable writing Javascript code. It might be a result of lack of knowledge how does language work, all the time I just used my C knowledge combined with Python experience. One evening I decided to learn very basics of Javascript …

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