Posted on Thu 02 May 2013

When single paged apps suck

Today was a very hot day and it was clear: it's not the day you want to spend sitting in front of Starbucks on Castro street. We took an approach of changing environment and moved to Mountain View public library. It is where we were caught by.

Library is an excellent place for focused work. It is quite, clean, still not home and people around increase your productivity. There is good coverage of Google Wifi and couple of fairly good desks.

Unexpectedly Google Wifi acted a bit weird. Some pages did not load properly, some others were rendered with corrupted characters and made an impression of movies talking about government collusions, hackers, aliens trying to intercept into our Facebook feed.

I don't know if it is intended behavior of Internet connection in public libraries but there is no single page loaded without being corrupted. It was fine with good-old HTML pages - browser is clever enough to render half-broken styles and layouts and show something readable.

The problem was in single-paged apps: Quora, Instagram and Twitter. With all these fancy ajax requests they could not read corrupted JSON-encoded data received from server and refused to show anything meaningful with lots of errors in js-console.

That's how library increases your productivity. Read plain HTML-pages, read Wikis, use Google.

Looks like excellent place for couple of hours of focused work but you can not download PDFs, send big files or work with any documents with complicated schemas.

It was my first time when single-paged apps sucked so much.

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