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Top 5 syntactic weirdnesses to be aware of in MongoDB

mongodb logo

Rage posts about MongoDB are quite popular these days. Most of them are about poor performance on specific data sets, reliability and sharding issues. Some of those blog posts might be right, other are just saying that the most popular NoSQL solution didn't fit their needs.

This article is not …

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SICP and Me

I am a bit late but it is still great!

A pic from 4Chan

As someone who didn't study Computer Science at top university [yet] I am continuously learning everything they would have taught me at school. Since my knowledge is quite eclectic, a lot of foundation is still missing.

Two month ago “Structure …

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One Year After

My first year working in the Silicon Valley

Awkward tourist at Google MV

Uncertain beginning

Just a couple of days ago I turned 19. This event is notable to me: not only I can buy cigarettes now (but won't) but also it’s been one year since my first ever employment on technical position. In …

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Be the one owning the power

The guy reading CLRS

I am an example of a self-taught software engineer. ‘Self-taught’ doesn't really mean I learnt everything on my own. Having had so many teachers, I just forgot about college. It doesn't mean there is nothing to learn, I am learning a lot everyday. And this piece of writing is directed …

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How JavaScript Hoisting can be dangerous

I learnt the way scoping and hoisting work in JS early enough so I didn't get into these pitfalls. My thinking was, hoisting is so innocuous, it can't be tricky once you know it exists. Today I randomly came up with this example:

// Global object, window in browser or global …
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Notes about book: Don't go back to school

Take aways from "Don't go back to school" by Kio Stark

Book presents us dozen of stories from different people in different industries. Each of them bypassed school in some sense but managed to achieve mastery in his or her profession including developed professional networks and recognition.

Notably, most of …

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Fibers is an npm module developed with C++. It is another flow control library like async, nue, batch, cascade, then, afuture and others. The biggest disadvantage of Fibers - they work only inside node.js. It is applicable only on server and will never work in your browser (at least …

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Pushdown Automata Revelation

Today a revelation happened to me.

I remember approximately three years ago, back in the high school, I was solving algorithmic problems for fun. One of the problems was to parse and calculate and arithmetic expression.

Allowed symbols/operators were: '+', '-', '*', '/', 'sin', 'cos', '(', ')' and numbers were decimals. It was so hard …

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TCO 2013 2A

This round was spent in agony, as any other round I participate after several months of inactivity.

My biggest mistake in this round was pretty silly: I expected 300 to be a standard math/greedy problem and couldn't realise it was the simplest dynamic programming problem ever met on Topcoder …

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Less known Y combinator

We all know the YCombinator company. But where did the name come from?

Since I didn't get my degree in Computer Science yet, I was surprised by its origin. Found it accidetally and loved it.


Those who are lazy can look it up in Wikipedia.

Spoiler from video: javascript …

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