Posted on Thu 13 August 2015

Last week at Meteor

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Next week is going to be my last week at Meteor! I am leaving the job I love so much, the company and community I have been living every day for the past two and half years. The next years of my life will be an exciting journey through American university life at MIT, the culture of hacking and engineering. Here is my goodbye post.

In the last couple of years, Meteor essentially became a huge part of my life. The Meteor community, the Meteor product, the Meteor company - all of them provided me with a wide range of emotions - everything I could possibly ask for: happiness, excitement, pride for what we've built, as well as lots and lots of fear, frustration, doubt and Doomsday-calling.

I can't overemphasize how much I learned in such an open and accepting environment. For my first year I was nurtured by the direct mentorship and an indirect pressure to be good at everything one does in day-to-day: every code snippet, every design decision, every feature, every project. That's truly have been an inspiration for my self-learnings.

Overall, I worked on almost every part of the Meteor framework: real-time connectors for all kind of databases, Blaze, Isobuild, Minimongo, Tern-Meteor, Windows and Apache Cordova support. There is a handful of files in the entire Meteor framework code-base that I am unfamiliar with.

I tried to do my best to engage with the community of the Meteor developers. A lot of the people I've met through Meteor became good friends of mine. Besides hanging out with people on SF Devshops, I've visited the meetup groups in Boston, Singapore, Oakland and Palo Alto. I called into meetup groups in Ukraine, Russia and Brazil. Have travelled and talked to Meteor developers in Florida and Texas. I won't even tell you how many times people came up to me in a gym, on a street, or in a restaurant once they saw a Meteor logo on my bag. One lad even bought me a beer without knowing I don't drink (sorry to disappoint).

Meteor truly has changed my life and despite all difficulties with the product or the company, it will remain a big part of who I am. So far, Meteor has pumped my blood pressure to the highest and lowest levels - the true testimony of life.

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