Posted on Tue 01 April 2014

Spacebars in your Vim

Spacebars is a templating language inspired by Handlebars (Mustache) and is a default language used by Blaze, Meteor's live DOM-updating engine.

I am a heavy Vim user and it frustrates me when something doesn't work well in my favorite text editor. For this time, my templates were not displayed perfectly and Vim's auto-indenter was confused by the new syntax so it looked pretty bad even with the mustache/vim-mustache-handlebars installed.

Spacebars in Vim

So, learning some VimScript from :h syntax and VimScriptTheHardWay book, I managed to fork and fix some syntax highlighting issues, implement folds for block-helpers, fix auto-indenter (by borrowing some code from othree/html5.vim) so block-helpers tags are respected as well as other html tags.

The result can be seen on Slava/vim-spacebars.

P.S.: the theme is Tomorrow and you can get my fork of it for Vim on Slava/vim-colors-tomorrow.

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